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Strategic Planning
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In a world that is increasingly going mobile, a carefully planned mobile app that appeals to customers can generate revenue, increase brand loyalty, and act as a marketing tool. With timely updates, you can provide your customers with real-time data on your company, products, and services, while maintaining interest with an evolving messaging strategy.

Our mobile app services include:

  • Mobile application idea generation and concept development for iOS and Android platforms
  • Identifying opportunities to create value and/or generate revenue to your business through mobile applications
  • Design, technical development and implementation of mobile applications
  • Application road-map planning for longevity, relevance and continued value in market
  • 24/7 secure hosting and performance monitoring
  • Customer support
  • Data analysis and reporting

PharmaFresh is a mobile application built and branded by immerge for pharmacy business and free for consumers, which strategically blends health and shopping services offered by your business. To learn more, visit www.pharmafresh.ca.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your business evolve into the exciting and profitable realm of mobile app development.